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Kristina Fors


Architect SIR/MSA

After devoting a large part of my youth to designing and sewing my own clothes, it was obvious that this would also be my career choice. But suddenly one day, the plans changed.

A meeting with a villa and its creator and owner, became the beginning of a longing to work with buildings instead. The desire to work with three-dimensional compositions of rooms and spaces, materials, textures and colors was aroused and led after that day into a new career.

I am educated as interior architect at Penninghen in Paris and has since continued to train with supplementary courses in architecture at Lund University of Technology and in marketing at Mid Sweden University.

After many years both as an employee at various architectural offices in Stockholm and Malmö and then as a freelance, I took the step to start my own studio in 2015. In the spring of 2023, I decided to go back to employment to be in a context again.

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