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"We chose to work with Kristina for both remodeling and interior design of our office. This resulted in a longer collaboration where we got a wholeness that is connected. We have now got much better flows and functions in our premises and it has turned out so nicely. 

The implementation of Bona's brand and values in the premises and interior design creates its own atmosphere that feels very much Bona. We are very pleased with both the cooperation and the results.

We are especially pleased with the canteen, which has become the heart of our premises where all employees meet each other at

some point during the day.

A plus is also that we were able to reuse so many of our furniture. When they were renovated and came in new contexts, they became like new again."

Anders Karstensson, Site Manager, Bona Sweden 

Lasse Olsson Photo-14664-2.jpg

"We asked Kristina to help us with the interior design of the common areas in the office building Foajén. In a WELL certified building,

there is a focus on health and well-being, and with that aspect, the public areas are important functions for how the building is used. 

Kristina nicely captured the theme of the building and found creative solutions to aspects we needed to solve. Such as hanging mobile sound absorbers in the light garden and standing tables with integrated suspended lighting. Kristina was easy to work with and responsive to our needs. And the result, it was even better than we could have wished for."


Freddie Bergkvist, Project Development Manager, Jernhusen

"After Kristina worked with the tenant adaptation of our premises in the Foajén we asked if she could also help us with the interior design for our new head office. Kristina familiarized herself with our brand and our values and managed to transfer them to the interior.

We think she has created something that is unique to us and that we really enjoy. We had a very good collaboration throughout the process. It couldn't have been better!"

Gustaf Edner, Project Manager (Foajén), Bona

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